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Coweta County’s climate is mild and warm. Spring temperatures approach the low 70s (°F) by May. The hottest days are usually in July and August, with maximum temperatures averaging 89°F. Winter highs typically fall between 54°F and 59.1°F while lows average around 34.7°F. Rainfall during most months is about 4 inches, with the wettest month typically being March and the driest being October. The area sometimes gets snow, but rarely more than one inch.
Source: Southeast Regional Climate Center.

Coweta County Labor Force: 60,045
Unemployment Rate (2008): 5.7%
Average Weekly Wage: $743
Median Household Income: $67,713
2008 Cost of Living Index: 89.9 (U.S. average is 100)

Five Largest Employers
Piedmont Newnan Hospital, Inc.
Yamaha Motor Mfg Corp. of America
Yokogawa Corp. of America

Note: Employers are listed alphabetically by area, not by the number of employees.
Sources: Georgia Department of Labor Coweta County Profile 2008, Sperling’s Best Places, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau 2007

Area Codes
770, 678

Cost of Living
Coweta County enjoys a moderate cost of living in comparison with other parts of the U.S., up to 10% lower than the national average and at least 25% lower than Atlanta in some categories. The median value of a home in Coweta County is $153,700 compared to $212,360 in Atlanta, and property taxes are low in Coweta County compared to Atlanta.

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, 2005-2007 American Community Survey; Sperling’s Best Places

Coweta County: 122,924
Newnan: 33,000
Senoia: 3,244
Grantville: 2,608
Moreland: 428
Turin: 395
Sharpsburg: 329
Haralson: 158
Palmetto: 5,035*

* Only part of the population of Palmetto resides in Coweta County
Source: U.S. Census Bureau Estimates, 2008 & 2007

Getting Started

Since you are our new neighbors, we want to help you get settled into your new Coweta County home. With that in mind, the numbers below are designed to help you know where to go for your utilities, government, and other needs. Welcome!



  • Georgia Power Co.: (888) 660-5890
  • Coweta-Fayette EMC: (770) 502-0226
  • Relyco Security: (770) 253-4053
  • Newnan Utilities: (770) 683-5516 (water, electricity)

Garbage Pick-Up

  • Newnan residents: (770) 716-1899
  • County residents: Please consult your local phone book for a private provider

Natural Gas
Consumers can compare costs and service among several approved natural gas marketers and choose the company that suits their needs. Consumers should select a natural gas marketer to start, re-connect or disconnect natural gas service. Call the Georgia Public Service Commission (800) 282-5813 for a list of approved marketers or visit the PSC website at Locally, Coweta-Fayette EMC Natural Gas is one of the PSC’s approved marketers, (770) 502-0226.

Atlanta Gas Light Company: (770) 994-1946 (gas emergencies only)

Coweta County Gas Company (Propane): (770) 253-1505


  • AT&T: (888) 757-6500
  • Globe Telecommunications: (770) 683-3000
  • Charter Communications: (800) 955-7766
  • Comcast: (404) 266-2278

Water & Sewer

  • Coweta County Water & Sewer: (770) 254-3710
  • Newnan Utilities: (770) 683-5516

Cable TV & Internet

  • AT&T: (888) 757-6500
  • Charter Communications: (800) 955-7766
  • Comcast: (404) 266-2278
  • NuLink: (770) 683-6988

Driver’s License
New residents are required to obtain a Georgia driver’s license within 30 days of establishing a permanent residence. Members of the military are not required to obtain a Georgia license if they will be in the state for a temporary time period. There is no limit on that time period. All other licenses must be surrendered prior to issuance of a Georgia license.

Persons 18 or older who surrender a valid out-of-state license must pass an eye examination. Applicants who are under 18, or who surrender an expired out-of-state license (expired more than two years), must pass the eye examination, road rules test, road signs test and a driving test. A license fee of $20 for a five-year license or $35 for a ten-year license is due upon issuance. DDS Customer Service Centers accept cash, money orders, checks, and credit cards for payment of fees.

For more information, contact the Department of Driver Services at (678) 413-8400 or visit New residents can apply for a driver’s license Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday from 7:30 a.m.-12 p.m. (noon) at the Department of Driver Services Customer Service Center, 128 Bullsboro Dr., Newnan, GA 30263. All DDS locations are closed every Monday.
Motor Vehicle Registration
New residents have 30 days to transfer registrations after establishing residency. Current out of state title is required to register. If title is held by lien holder, current out of state registration and the name and address of the lien holder is acceptable. Current Georgia driver’s license is required for all owners shown on the title. Georgia insurance information must be transmitted to the State’s database by your insurance company.  Vehicles must be covered by Georgia liability insurance at all times.

You can renew your registration online at; follow the department link to the Tag Office. Only renewals of tag registrations may be done online. There is a small processing fee, but up to 50 vehicles may be registered per transaction. The Tag Office also now accepts American Express, VISA and MasterCard payments for over-the-counter and mailed in registrations. A 2½% convenience fee is charged to the credit card owner on all credit card transactions, $1.50 fee for all debit card transactions. 22 E. Broad St., Newnan, (770) 254-2631.

Emissions Testing
Coweta County is one of the 13 metro counties under the emissions testing program. In 2011, all 1987-2008 model year gasoline-powered car or light-duty truck gasoline powered cars and light trucks must pass an emissions inspection prior to vehicle registration. Emissions inspections are required every year before the registered owner's birthday.

The inspection cost is capped at $25. Senior (age 65+) waivers may be applied for in the Tag Office. The vehicle must be at least 10 years old and must not have been driven over 5,000 miles per year to receive a waiver.

For further information, contact the Georgia Clean Air Force at (800) 449-2471 or visit their web site at

Voter Registration
A voter in Coweta County must be a U.S. citizen; 18 years of age on or before election day (may register at age 17½); a resident of Georgia; not serving a sentence for having been convicted of a felony; and not judicially declared to be mentally incompetent. Voters who move or change their name must complete a new application to update their registration within 30 days after the change. A voter may register anytime up until 30 days prior to an election.

Voters who live within city limits at the time of registration are automatically registered to vote within their city as well as countywide elections.

With appropriate I.D., residents can register to vote at the county’s voter registration office, libraries, city halls, and various other registration sites. Applications may also be obtained through the state’s website. For additional information, contact the Coweta County Board of Elections and Registration at (770) 254-2615,

General Community Information:

Public Information – City of Newnan
(770) 254-2358

Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce
23 Bullsboro Dr.
Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 253-2270

Access Coweta

Coweta County Administrative Offices
22 E. Broad St.
Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 254-2603

Welcome Center/Convention and Visitors Bureau
100 Walt Sanders Memorial Dr.
Newnan, GA 30265
(770) 254-2627 and (770) 254-2629

City of Newnan
25 LaGrange St.
Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 253-2682

Piedmont Newnan Hospital
60 Hospital Rd.
Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 253-1912


Coweta was formed in 1825 from land ceded from the Creek Indians and settled predominately by people arriving from the Carolinas and Virginia. Coweta has eight municipalities which have their own governments and service operations: Newnan (county seat), Senoia, Grantville, Palmetto, Moreland, Turin, Sharpsburg, and Haralson.

Coweta County is well-represented in the Georgia legislature by two representatives and one senator and in the U.S. Congress by one representative and two senators.

Coweta County
Coweta County operates its business from the Coweta County Administration Building and from the Coweta County Justice Center, home to the offices of the Clerk of the State Court, Clerk of Superior Court, District Attorney, County Solicitor, and the Magistrate Court. The 130,000 square-foot Justice Center, within easy walking distance of the Newnan courthouse square, features eight courtrooms. The 1904 Courthouse that the Justice Center replaced has been recently renovated for use for other public purposes including the County Vistors Center.

The county is governed by a five-member elected Board of Commissioners. Governmental operations are administered by the county administrator’s office.

Coweta County Administration Building
22 E. Broad St., Newnan
(770) 254-2601

  • Administration    (770) 254-2601
  • Board of Commissioners    (770) 254-2601
  • Board of Elections    (678) 854-0015
  • Business License    (770) 254-2626
  • Code Enforcement    (770) 254-2669
  • Emergency Management (E-911)    (770) 254-2650
  • Personnel    (770) 254-2604
  • Planning & Zoning    (770) 254-2635
  • Probate Court    (770) 254-2640
  • Tax Commissioner    (770) 254-2670
  • Tag Office (Auto Tags & Registration)    (770) 254-2631
  • Voter Registration    (770) 254-2615

Coweta County Justice Center
72 Greenville St., Newnan

  • District Attorney    (770) 254-7300
  • Indigent Defense    (770) 254-2704
  • Magistrate Court    (770) 254-2610
  • Solicitor    (770) 254-2646
  • State Court Clerk    (770) 254-2699
  • Superior Court (Civil and Criminal Division)     (770) 254-2695
  • Superior Court (Real Estate Division)     (770) 254-2690

Coweta County Fairgrounds
275 Pine Rd., Newnan

  • Extension Service & 4-H    (770) 254-2620
  • Fairgrounds & Conference Center    (770) 254-2685

Other Coweta Numbers

  • Airport–115 Airport Rd.    (770) 254-8102
  • Animal Control–91 Selt Rd.    (770) 254-3735
  • Arts Association, Newnan
  • Board of Education    (770) 254-2800
  • Building Inspections–4 Madison St.    (770) 254-2660
  • Convention & Visitors Bureau/Welcome Center– 100 Walt Sanders Memorial Dr.   (770) 254-2629 or 1-800-8-COWETA
  • Coweta Public (Central) Library    (770) 683-2052
  • A Mitchell Powell Library    (770) 253-3625
  • Grantville Library    (770) 583-2565
  • Senoia Library    (770) 599-3537
  • DFACS    (770) 254-7234
  • Engineering and Development–21 East Washington St.    (770) 254-3775
  • Environmental Management (landfill, transfer station) - 101 Selt Rd.    (770) 254-3785
  • Fire Department–483 Turkey Creek Rd.    (770) 254-3900
  • Health Department (Environmental)–51 N. Perry St.    (770) 254-7422
  • Health Department (Physical)–137 Jackson St.    (770) 254-7400
  • Housing Authority—48 Ball St.    (770) 253-6461
  • Juvenile Court–78 Greenville St.    (770) 254-3730
  • Police–25 Jefferson St.    (770 254-2355
  • Prison–101 Selt Rd.    (770) 254-3723
  • Probation (County)–10 Olive St.    (770) 252-6440
  • Probation (State)–51B Perry St.    (770) 254-7204
  • Public Buildings–28 East Washington St.    (770) 254-2666
  • Recreation–39 Hospital Rd.    (770) 254-3750
  • Road Dept. (road & bridges repairs, signage–101 Selt Rd.    (770) 253-0794
  • Sheriff–560 Greison Tr.    (770) 253-1502
  • Tax Assessor–37 Perry St.    (770) 254-2680
  • Water Authority    (770) 254-3710


Grantville City Hall
123 LaGrange St.
Grantville, GA 30220
(770) 583-2289

P.O. Box 155
Haralson, GA 30229
(770) 599-3985

Moreland City Hall
7 Main St.
Moreland, GA 30259
(770) 251-3428

Newnan City Hall
25 LaGrange St.
 Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 254-2358

  • Beautification    (770) 254-2354
  • Building    (770) 254-2362
  • Business License    (770) 254-2351
  • Cemetery    (770) 253-3744
  • City Clerk    (770) 254-2351
  • City Council    (770) 254-2358
  • City Manager    (770) 254-2358
  • Community Development    (770) 254-2354
  • Engineering    (770) 254-2354
  • Finance    (770) 254-2351
  • Fire    (770) 253-1851
  • Human Resources    (770) 254-2358
  • Information Technology    (770) 254-2351
  • Main Street    (770) 253-8283
  • Mayor    (770) 254-2358
  • Planning and Zoning    (770) 254-2354
  • Police    (770) 254-2355
  • Public Works    (770) 253-0327
  • Streets    (770) 253-0327

City of Palmetto
(partially in Coweta County)
P.O. Box 190
Palmetto, GA 30268
(770) 463-3377

Senoia City Hall
80 Main St.
Senoia, GA 30276
(770) 599-3679

Sharpsburg City Hall
105 Main St.
Sharpsburg, GA 30277
(770) 251-4171

P.O. Box 86
Turin, GA 30289
(770) 599-0777

U.S. Senators & Representative

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R)
100 Galleria Pkwy., Ste. 1340
Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 763-9090

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R)
1 Overton Park
3625 Cumberland Blvd., Ste. 970
Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 661-0999 

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R)
1601-B E. Hwy. 34
Newnan, Georgia 30265
(770) 683-2033  

State Government
Governor Nathan Deal (R)
203 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
(404) 656-1776

State Senator

Mike Crane

P.O. Box 700
Newnan, GA 30264
(404) 656-6446

State Representatives

Billy Horne
64 Ivy Springs Dr.
Newnan, GA 30265
(770) 683-4676

Lynn Smith
8 Evergreen Dr.
Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 253-9427


The Coweta County School System

With the opening of Coweta County’s newest school (Brooks Elementary, in northwestern Coweta) in the 2009-10 academic year, the Coweta County School System serves 23,000 students in 31 schools in one of the fastest-growing Georgia counties.

Coweta County has three Georgia Teachers of the Year—more than any other state school system—and 13 Coweta County teachers have been selected as a semi-finalist, finalist or winner of the Georgia Teacher of the Year since 1986.

Several Coweta County schools have been named State Schools of Excellence and national Blue Ribbon schools. In 2008, Northgate High School was named a School of Excellence for Georgia’s 8th District, placing it in the top 20 to 25 out of more than 1,800 public schools statewide. Arbor Springs Elementary School was named a 2007 Georgia School of Excellence, Arnco-Sargent Elementary School was a 2006 honoree, and Jefferson Parkway Elementary School was a 2005 honoree.

Coweta County students’ average overall SAT score was 1515 in 2008, above the national average of 1511 and the state of Georgia’s average of 1466. Coweta County’s overall averages on the state Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) scores are consistently above Georgia averages as well. In 2008, Coweta students in grades 1 through 8 had higher average passage rates in 30 out of the 36 grade and subject areas covered by the exam.

Coweta County Schools and the Coweta community are pioneers in developing charter schools in Georgia. In 1999, a partnership between the school system, West Central Technical College, and the local business community created the Central Educational Center (CEC), a career-and-technology based charter school. CEC was named a 2005 National Model High School, and it is the archetype for the Career Academy in Georgia, the fastest-growing charter school model in the state.

Coweta schools strive to offer a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities to meet the needs and ambitions of individual students. In addition to a wide range of Advanced Placement courses and athletic activities, The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts provides students and the community with a center of accomplished artistic programs, including performances and master classes with professional artists from outside the community. The Centre includes a 1,000-seat, state-of-the-art performance hall, recital and rehearsal space, and several visual arts galleries, and has become the nucleus of an expanding fine arts curriculum in Coweta’s schools, as well as a center of community life.

To keep up with the county’s growth, the community has supported three sales taxes for school construction and improvements since 1997. Welch Elementary School and Lee Middle School opened in August 2007. In 2008, Coweta’s three high schools—Northgate, East Coweta and Newnan High School—each opened new Ninth-Grade campuses to expand the capacity of each school and to provide dedicated on-campus facilities and programs for new freshmen students. In 2009, the school system’s next school–Brooks Elementary–opened on Jim Starr Road, in northern Coweta County.

For more information about Coweta County’s public school system, visit To inquire about employment, call (770) 254-2800. To inquire about registering a child in school, call (770) 254-5551.


Private Schools

Coweta County boasts several private institutions with excellent academic programs including the Heritage School and the Carolyn Barron Montessori School.

The Heritage School is a college preparatory, independent day school serving students from three years of age through 12th grade with a broad curriculum that stresses individual attention in a nurturing environment. Established in 1970, a primary goal at all levels of the school is the development of critical thinking skills. A rich array of educational options ensures that every student’s potential is recognized and challenged. For more information, call (770) 253-9898.

The Carolyn Barron Montessori School offers a sensibly structured system that allows students to develop at their own pace, using their individual abilities with the guidance of formally trained teachers and the use of specially designed materials. The Montessori classroom is tailored to the size, pace, and interest of the students. Named in memory of a beloved member of the Newnan community, the Carolyn Barron Montessori School strives to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment that assists children in developing skills and ideas that are essential to creative thinking and learning. Programs for children age 18 months to 14 years are available. Call (770) 253-2135 for further information or visit the website at

There are also several church-affiliated schools serving students in the formative ages through the primary grades.

Higher Education

West Georgia Technical College
West Georgia Technical College is an important part of growing post-secondary options in Coweta County. Coweta County is served by the Coweta campus of West Georgia Technical College which offers associate degrees, diplomas and technical certificates of credit, as well as adult education/GED preparation, continuing education, corporate training and assistance through Georgia QuickStart for local industry.

The College specializes in occupational preparation in the major areas of business information, trades and technical, health occupations, and personal services, and most programs can be completed in two years or less. For a detailed look at the programs of West Georgia Technical College visit or call (770) 537-5740. West Georgia has campuses in Coweta, Carroll, Douglas, Haralson, and Troup counties.

West Georgia Tech administers Central Educational Center (CEC) in partnership with Coweta County Schools. This one-of-a-kind model program bridges the gap between high school, technical education and the workforce. High school students get training–and even college credit–to allow them to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to compete in today’s global economy, earning the pay and benefits that go along with being a trained worker. For a detailed look at current offerings of West Georgia Technical College at CEC, call (678) 423-2000 or visit .

University of West Georgia, Newnan Center
The Newnan Center is a growing off-campus center of the University of West Georgia based in Carrollton. The center has been in operation in Newnan/Coweta County for 21 years. Located near I-85 in the Shenandoah Industrial Park in Newnan, the Center is very accessible to students in many neighboring counties. Last year’s enrollment included students from 46 counties.

The 14-acre campus was purchased from Georgia Power Company by the Coweta County Commission in 1998. Following an 11-year lease to the University of West Georgia, the ownership of the property will be transferred from the Coweta County Commission to the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia in mid 2009.

The Newnan Center offers university courses for students who want to begin and/or continue their education locally. During 2008, enrollment reached 3,400 in 174 credit classes. In addition to providing fundamental core curriculum classes, this center offers six graduate degree programs and two undergraduate degree programs. Master’s degrees in education are offered in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, Special Education, and Educational Leadership. A Master’s degree program in Business Administration meets once a week on Tuesday evenings and can be completed in 22 months. A Master’s degree in Criminology is now offered at the Newnan Center. The two undergraduate degrees offered are the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Two groups of nursing students have graduated from the UWG Newnan Nursing Program in 2007 and 2008. The first graduates of the Newnan MBA program received their degrees in May of 2009. The Newnan Center is also a test-proctoring site for students taking eCore and other online courses. For more information, visit

Brewton-Parker College
The Brewton-Parker College Newnan Campus is conveniently located at the nationally recognized Central Educational Center, 160 Martin Luther King Dr., Newnan. A friendly learning environment with large classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, and individual attention from an excellent group of faculty work together to bring a Christian-based education to its student body consisting of traditional college students who have just graduated from high school, as well as non-traditional students who juggle full-time job responsibilities. All classes are offered in the evening.

Students may elect to begin or continue their college education at the Newnan Campus. All core curriculum classes are offered along with degree programs such as a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in General Business, Management or Technical Management, a Bachelor of Ministry, and a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. The college also offers online business classes for students to complete their BBA online.

For more information, call (770) 683-3245 or visit

Coweta County Schools

New Student Registration
176 Werz Industrial Dr., Newnan
(770) 254-5551

Superintendent and School Board
237 Jackson St., Newnan
(770) 254-2801

Curriculum, Personnel and Business Offices
176 Werz Industrial Dr., Newnan
(770) 254-2800

Centre for Performing and Visual Arts
1523 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2787

Elementary Schools

Arbor Springs Elementary
4840 N. Hwy. 29, Newnan
(770) 463-5903

Arnco-Sargent Elementary
2449 W. Hwy. 16, Newnan
(770) 254-2830

Atkinson Elementary
14 Nimmons St., Newnan
(770) 254-2835

Brooks Elementary
35 Genesee Pt., Newnan
(770) 683-0013

Canongate Elementary
200 Pete Rd., Sharpsburg
(770) 463-8010

Eastside Elementary
1225 Eastside School Rd., Senoia
(770) 599-6621

Elm Street Elementary
46 Elm St., Newnan
(770) 254-2865

Glanton Elementary
5725 Hwy. 29, Grantville
(770) 583-2873

Jefferson Parkway Elementary
154 Millard Farmer Industrial Blvd., Newnan
(770) 254-2771

Moreland Elementary
145 Railroad St., Moreland
(770) 254-2875

Newnan Crossing Elementary
1267 Lower Fayetteville Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2872

Northside Elementary
720 Country Club Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2890

Poplar Road Elementary
2925 Poplar Rd., Sharpsburg
(770) 254-2740

Ruth Hill Elementary
57 Sunset Ln., Newnan
(770) 254-2895

Thomas Crossroads Elementary
3530 E. Hwy. 34, Sharpsburg
(770) 254-2751

Welch Elementary
240 Mary Freeman Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2597

Western Elementary
1730 Welcome Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2790

White Oak Elementary
770 Lora Smith Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2860

Willis Road Elementary
430 Willis Rd., Sharpsburg
(770) 304-7995

Middle Schools

Arnall Middle School
700 Lora Smith Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2765

East Coweta Middle School
6291 E. Hwy. 16, Senoia
(770) 599-6607

Evans Middle School
41 Evans Dr., Newnan
(770) 254-2780

Lee Middle School
370 Willis Rd., Sharpsburg
(770) 251-1547

Madras Middle School
240 Edgeworth Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2744

Smokey Road Middle School
965 Smokey Rd., Newnan
(770) 254-2840

Alternative Middle School
Maggie Brown School
32 Clark St., Newnan
(770) 254-2829

High Schools

Central Education Center
160 Martin Luther King Dr., Newnan
(678) 423-2000

East Coweta High School
400 McCollum-Sharpsburg Rd., Sharpsburg
(770) 254-2850

Newnan High School
190 LaGrange St., Newnan
(770) 254-2880

Northgate High School
3220 Fischer Rd., Newnan
(770) 463-5585

Winston Dowdell Academy
1 Dowdell St., Newnan
(770) 254-2870



The Coweta Public Library (CPL) System is a network of four library facilities within Coweta County, geographically placed to offer each resident a primary service area within seven miles of their home. CPL cardholders have access to the total holdings of the library system through an interlibrary loan book reserve and exchange program. New library facilities are under construction or in the planning stages for Grantville and Senoia.

The libraries offer collections, services and programs for all ages, free internet and free Wi-Fi access, complete with Georgia’s Virtual Library GALILEO. Coweta residents have home access to Georgia’s Virtual Library via passwords available to registered library patrons. In addition, CPL users have full access to GLASS – Georgia Library for Accessible Services, a free national library program that offers books and magazines on cassette tape and in Braille. These materials are provided by the Library of Congress to eligible persons with a visual or physical disability. All reading material and playback equipment is sent to borrowers and returned by postage-free mail.

For additional information visit:

Coweta Public Library System Locations

Central Library
85 Literary Ln., Newnan
(770) 683-2052

A. Mitchell Powell, Jr. Branch Library
25 Hospital Rd., Newnan
(770) 253-3625

Grantville Branch Library
123 LaGrange St., Grantville
(770) 583-2565

Senoia Branch Library
70 Main St., Senoia
(770) 599-3537


Good health is the foundation of a good life. Coweta County, one of the fastest growing communities in Georgia, offers the best in education, recreation, healthcare, and overall quality of life. Piedmont Newnan Hospital, which started in 1962 as Coweta County General Hospital, continues to upgrade services to meet the needs of this growing population. Additionally, local clinics, wellness facilities, and the county health department do their part to promote and maintain the health and wellness of Coweta’s residents. You and your family can fully enjoy your new Coweta County home knowing that competent healthcare is close by.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital
Planning for the future, taking care of you today.

Choosing the right healthcare provider for your family is just as important as choosing the right community. Piedmont Newnan Hospital (PNH), a 143-bed acute care hospital, is committed to enhancing our community’s wellness by providing a coordinated system of high-quality, compassionate and cost-effective healthcare. 

PNH offers 24-hour adult and pediatric emergency services, women’s services and general medical/surgical services. Diagnostic services include CT, nuclear medicine, MRI, PET, ultrasound and fluoroscopy. A complete range of medical/surgical services includes laparoscopic surgery, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, sleep studies, cardiac catheterization and rehabilitation and wound treatment/hyperbaric therapy.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital also offers a variety of outpatient health and wellness services and centers, including its Ambulatory Surgery Center, Cardiovascular Imaging Center, Heartburn Treatment Center, Outpatient Center, Rehabilitation Center, Sleep Center, Wellness Center, and Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center.

Piedmont Newnan Hospital’s replacement hospital facility, a nine-story, 364,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, is scheduled to open in Spring 2012.  This large hospital campus, which includes a medical office building, is located on Poplar Road adjacent to Interstate 85.  It will serve as a regional hospital that will be easily accessible for patients and visitors. Its design to improve patient access and wayfinding, flexibility, operational efficiencies, and future growth will set the tone for a more futuristic manner of delivering healthcare.  

With much anticipation for an exciting future in our community’s healthcare, we invite you to allow Piedmont Newnan Hospital to take care of you and your family when you need us today. 

Piedmont Newnan Hospital Locations

Piedmont Newnan Hospital (main hospital campus)
745 Poplar Road • Newnan, Georgia 30265

Piedmont Newnan Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center
80 Jackson Street • Newnan, Georgia 30263

Piedmont Cardiovascular Imaging Center
20 Francis Way • Suite 301
Newnan, Georgia 30277

Piedmont Heartburn Treatment Center
80 Jackson Street • Newnan, Georgia 30263

Piedmont Outpatient Center
1755 Highway 34 East • Suite 1200
Newnan, Georgia 30265

Piedmont Rehabilitation Center
20 Francis Way • Suite 300
Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277

Piedmont Sleep Center
20 Francis Way • Suite 120
Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277

Piedmont Newnan Hospital Wellness Center
26 West Court Square • Newnan, Georgia 30263

Piedmont Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center
62 Hospital Road • Newnan, Georgia 30263

Summit Healthplex & Summit Family YMCA
The Summit Healthplex, a modern healthcare center that includes medical practices such as orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, rehabilitation, internal medicine, and occupational medicine, is committed to an integrative approach to medical care that heavily emphasizes wellness, prevention and physical fitness.

Practices that are part of the Summit Healthplex include Georgia Bone and Joint, Newnan Medical Imaging, Georgia Rehabilitation Center, The Summit Orthopaedic Surgery Center, Summit Urgent Care, Pain Solutions Treatment Center, Summit Healthplex Pharmacy, Summit Occupational Medicine, Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Georgia Chiropractic Associates, the Summit Center for Health and Healing, and Brian Chadwick, M.D./Obstetrics and Gynecology.

1755 Hwy. 34 E., Newnan (just off I-85)
(770) 252-7577

Adjoining the Healthplex is the Summit Family YMCA offering a variety of health/wellness programs along with swimming, warm water therapy, summer day camps, tennis—including camps in partnership with Canongate Golf Clubs, Tae Kwon Do, toddler dance, volleyball, basketball, soccer, teen programs, childwatch, Spanish as a second language, fitness classes, and much more. As a community-based organization, the Y is committed to partnering with outside organizations in order to fulfill its mission outside the walls of its facility.

Summit Family YMCA, reflecting its Judeo-Christian heritage, is an association of volunteers, members and staff, open to and serving all, providing programs and services that develop healthy spirit, mind and body. The YMCA actively seeks to identify and involve those in need.

Summit Family YMCA
1765 E. Hwy. 34, Newnan
(770) 254-9622 (YMCA)

Health Department
The Coweta County Health Department is divided into two disciplines: physical health and environmental health. Fees for clients are determined according to income. The Health Department aims to promote and protect the health of people in Coweta County wherever they live, work, and play. The Department unites with individuals, families, and communities to improve health and enhance quality of life.

Each program offered by the Department targets its mission of building a county of healthy people, families, and communities, where all sectors pool their assets and strengths to promote health for all. The department attempts to lead the county to the point where decisions are made in harmony with economic and environmental concerns.

Physical Health
The Physical Health Department provides services designed to help ensure the health of the public. Physical health is a vital force in the evolving health system, offering preventive and cost effective services that are family centered and provided in a culturally responsive manner. Physical health is a fundamental resource for preventing disease and promoting health. Appointments are necessary for all programs. Services offered include:

  • Immunizations
  • School Day Care Audits
  • Child Health Exams
  • Women, Infants & Children’s Nutritional Counseling and Food Supplemental Program
  • Women’s Health (Breast Test and More)
  • Communicable Disease Testing (TB and HIV)

Physical Health Department
70 Hospital Road  Newnan, GA 30263
(770) 254-7400

Environmental Health
The Environmental Health Department provides services designed to help ensure the health and safety of the public while protecting the environment. Services offered include:

  • Food Service Permits and Inspections
  • Food Borne Illness Investigations
  • Septic System Inspections
  • Well-Water Supply System Permits and Inspections
  • Public Swimming Pool Permits and Inspections
  • Insect and Rodent Control
  • Lead Poisoning Investigations
  • Environmental Complaint Investigations
  • Rabies Program

Environmental Health Department
51 Perry St., Newnan
(770) 254-7422

Home Health Care
Home health agencies are Medicare-certified organizations that provide a wide range of skilled services in the home environment. These services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social services and certified nursing assistants. Our Chamber is fortunate to have five member agencies that offer these important services; please consult the Business Directory of the Chamber website when the need arises.